Upper Body Relaxation Massage       $45
Full Body Relaxation Massage            $78
Extended Relaxation Massage          $100
Upper Body Therapeutic Massage     $58
Full Body Therapeutic Massage          $92
Extended Therapeutic Massage        $120
Upper Body Deep Tissue Massage    $63
Full Body Deep Tissue Massage        $102
Salt Glow Body Treatment         $75
Mud Body Treatment                  $75
15min Hydro Soak                        $37
30min Hydro Soak                       $68
30min Add-on Massage*            $32
Underwater Add-on Massage*   $21
*add-on service can be added to any Hydro Soak service 
Hot Stone Therapuetic Massage      $100
Full Body Spray Tan                      $26
Pregnancy Masssage                             $78
Partial Spray Tan                            $19